Non-profits play a vital role in Philadelphia, with services ranging from helping to feed those in need to helping those that are suffering from addiction. While budgets for these non-profits have risen over time, there are still significant areas for improvement when it comes to making sure that as much of their money as possible is spent accomplishing the key goals of the organization while as little as possible is spent on overhead.

While administrative and people costs will always be a factor when it comes to non-profits, one potential cost that can be nearly eliminated is the employee time lost to work injuries. In 2017 alone, work injuries cost companies an estimated $161 billion dollars and over 104 million hours*. These costs are often devastating to Fortune 500 companies, let alone your local non-profit. This is why NSM Insurance Group has decided to partner with our non-profit clients in order to help them create a culture of safety, and savings, improving both the bottom line of their company and more importantly the welfare of their employees and volunteers.

One shining example of this collaborative effort is our recent success working with Philadabundance, the area’s largest hunger relief organization. Philabundance’s mission is to make nutritional food accessible to all, but they were finding it increasingly difficult to do so due to many lost employee work days and their associated cost. This was exemplified by their high loss ratio, over 125%, in the year leading up to their emphasis on safety culture.

In 2016, Glenn Bergman, the Executive Director of Philabundance, took it upon himself to make safety a priority within the organization, enlisting the support of NSM Insurance Group. NSM started working immediately with Joan McCann, Safety Committee Chair and Chaundra Loesch, Director of Transportation, providing monthly loss prevention training courses on various topics to Philabundance Employees. The result was the complete elimination of lost time work injuries from August 1st, 2017 to the present day, and a .04% loss ratio.

Glenn Bergman, Exec. Director-Philabundance

“We are very grateful to NSM for the time and resources its team has invested in Philabundance and we are so happy to celebrate no lost time injuries at our workplace for two years – an accomplishment that could not have been attained without the hard work and dedication of our collective teams. As a result of this achievement, we are able to better positioned to support our local communities and to end hunger, for good.”

Cindy McLaughlin, Director of Retail Claims-NSM

“We are extremely proud of the efforts Philabundance has made to implement their new culture of safety. The impact these changes have made to their employee’s well being, and to their bottom line, demonstrate how much of an effect they can have on non-profits, where every dollar and every hour of work matter so much.”


In order to celebrate, Philabundance will be hosting a safety celebration on Monday, June 17th at their Galloway location.

For more information about Philabundance and the work they are doing to drive hunger from our communities, visit  For more information about how NSM Insurance Group can help you and your organization improve your workers’ compensation insurance and loss control program, please contact John Buler, Director of Retail, NSM Insurance Brokers 610-808-9488 or