NSM Insurance Brokers partnered with Praesidium Risk Advisors to host a successful seminar focused on abuse prevention.



On June 23rd, 2017, NSM Insurance Brokers partnered with Praesidium Risk Advisors’ CEO, Aaron Lundberg, to host an impactful abuse prevention seminar for nonprofit organizations. The half-day event, held in Philadelphia, PA, was designed to combat the significant growth of sexual abuse allegations reported against nonprofits. This trend affects some of our communities’ most vulnerable members and is a clear violation of these organizations’ philanthropic mission.



As an insurance specialist in the social services and behavioral healthcare sectors, NSM Insurance Brokers takes a holistic approach to fostering client success. We believe that our partnership with the risk management experts at Praesidium will allow us to effect positive change within these organizations through educating owners and operators on the best ways to prevent and respond to situations of abuse with clearly defined policies and procedures.

Caitlin Ryan of NSM Insurance Group summarized the seminar perfectly:
“Unfortunately, my team and I have seen firsthand the crippling effects sexual abuse claims can have on an organization. It’s our responsibility to educate our clients and provide them with best practices, so that they can create a culture of safety within their organizations.”


The Result

The event was extremely well-received by all attendees. Andrea Youndt, from the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, wrote:

“Child sexual abuse is hard to talk about, but it’s critical that we do. Thank you to NSM for keeping us focused on this important topic and giving us resources to use to protect our children.”

The NSM team is looking forward to our continued partnership with Praesidium, a leader in the education and prevention of sexual abuse.  Together, we will provide a foundation for our clients to improve their communities while protecting the individuals they serve.